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Ralph Jacobsberg & Company custom design and manufacture Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms of any size for all applications. We will produce customised drawings, taking into consideration your requirements and space availability.
In commercial cases it is strongly recommended to connect Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms to each other. This saves on material and installation costs and results in big energy savings. Cold Rooms will be constructed from 75mm Polystyrene Panels with 120mm Panels for Holding Freezer Rooms. The insulated panels are clad with white chromadek metal.

Our Cold Rooms are equipped with dial thermometers. The customer can easily see the temperature on the dial. Generally used temperatures for cold rooms are + 2ºC to + 7ºC, while freezers are working between –18ºC and –20ºC.

While walk-in cold rooms can be used with or without insulated floors, freezer rooms must have insulated floors. Because of installation cost savings and hygienic reasons we usually do not propose to use insulated floors in positive temperature cold rooms that are on ground level. On the other hand energy savings is a big concern these days.

Our Cold Rooms can be supplied in knock-down form for easy transportation to remote locations where it can be erected by your own refrigeration technicians if required.

Condensing units should be installed externally with adequate ventilation. Electrical points and drain points for water condensation must be supplied and installed by your electrical and plumbing contractor.

Door types
Doors can be hinged or sliding in either Double Glazed Glass or Solid White Chromadek. The perfect insulation and sealing of the chromadek doors prevents the formation of ice and helps to constantly save energy. All freezer room doors seals are heated to prevent ice formation and have a smooth metal surface which can be easily and hygienically cleaned.
Optional Extra’s
Meat Rails, Strip Curtains, Cold Room Racks, Meat Trays, Air Curtains, Double Glazed Windows, Custom Lighting etc.




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Design and specification subject to alteration without prior notice.