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A Kitchen Hood is not just a box.
Every commercial kitchen requires ventilation. Today’s designers and operators recognise the value in well-designed commercial kitchen ventilation systems which use the latest technology. We would like to emphasize the word “system”, as it is not just a box. An extraction canopy consists of an engineered system of exhaust hoods, make-up air ventilators, grease removal apparatuses, ducting, fans etc. A well designed extraction system will improve the health and safety of a kitchen while increasing the efficiency and energy savings for the owner.
Extraction Hoods can be divided into two main groups; wall mounted and island style canopies.

Wall Mounted Canopy
The wall mounted canopy is a convenient effective way of extracting vapour. Wall mounted canopies need less exhaust airflow than island type canopies. Canopies can be manufactured “Square” (Box type) or “Slope Sided”. Make up air supplied into the kitchen at low velocity from the ceiling replaces the air being exhausted by the extraction hood. The wall behind the hood will cause the make-up air to enter from the front and sides of the hood, creating a front to rear airflow pattern. Cross drafts still threaten spillage, but to a lesser extent than an island type canopy.

Island Style Hoods
This configuration is made up of modules similar to the wall mounted type canopies. Various sized modules can be placed back to back and side by side. Island type canopies perform similar to the wall mounted canopies due to the two thermal plumes rising against each other, but is more susceptible to cross drafts.
Capture Jet™ Technology (™Halton Food Service)
Capture JetTM Technology combines horizontal and vertical ambient air jets positioned at the bottom front and side edges of the hood to improve the capture and containment of the heat plume generated by the cooking equipment. Capture Jet™ Technology works for all professional food service ventilation applications and virtually any cooking process. They efficiently induce ambient air at the critical front and side area of the hood, minimising spillage of the contaminated air and maintaining excellent air quality in the work area. In addition, this technology allows for up to a 60% more efficient system which in turn makes for savings through smaller exhaust ducting, fans and make up air.

Capture Ray™
Indoor and outdoor air quality is becoming a major concern and many kitchens will require emission control solutions in their exhaust systems to comply with the growing demand for environmentally-friendly operations.

The Capture Ray™ Technology keeps the ducting virtually grease-free and reduces the cooking odours and emissions. The system uses ultraviolet lamps which neutralises grease vapour. Capture Jet™ technology combined with ultraviolet light (Capture Ray™), creates a highly efficient kitchen ventilation canopy that removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment.

• Capture Jet™ and Capture Ray™ requires up to 60% less exhaust air volume than traditional kitchen extraction canopies to remove an equal heat load.

• Duct cleaning costs are reduced to a minimum through the absence of grease deposits. Significantly reduces odours in exhausted air.

• Integrated Capture Ray™ Ultraviolet cassette with complete controls and safety features. Plug and Play CE-certified control system providing easy access to UV cassettes for maintenance.

• Draught-free integrated air distribution for enhanced capture and containment, comfort and productivity.

• Complete installation with Lighting, Dampers, Testing and Balancing (T.A.B.)




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