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At Ralph Jacobsberg & Co we manufacture heavy duty catering equipment, refrigeration and fume extraction systems.
Our expertise lies in turnkey kitchen design with regard to kitchen equipment and layout from fume extraction systems and refrigeration to appliances and utensils. Our clients include hotels and lodges, restaurants, institutions and canteens.

Our consultants are familiar with the complex operational challenges posed by commercial kitchens which enables them to design and provide a complete kitchen solution to meet your needs.

Coupled with a professional drafting service we are able to assess your needs and plan your kitchen layout taking into account available space, employee mobility, equipment required etc.

We will gladly share our expertise with you. We firmly believe in personal service and reliability. Our specialist sales team is on hand to assist and guide you through every step of your planning and purchase. Our company trades throughout Africa.
Project Management

The design and layout of your kitchen will affect everything from work flow and efficiency to utility costs and is every bit as important as the equipment you use. We believe in working closely with customers, architects and other consultants on projects ranging from institutional kitchens and canteens to catering facilities for hospitality, restaurants and other food outlets.

We also supply refrigeration and storage equipment, essential for a neat professional kitchen.

Cold Rooms / Holding Freezer Rooms
Our scope of work and supply includes for the provision of customised temperature controlled cold rooms that are hygienic and corrosive resistant.

Fume Extraction Canopies
Fume extraction is an essential part of any Commercial Kitchen. Ventilation systems can be manufactured depending on the kitchen layout, type of cooking, equipment used etc.




HEAVY DUTY CATERING EQUIPMENT • Tel: 011 474 2440 • Fax: 011 474 3472 • sales@raljac.co.za

Design and specification subject to alteration without prior notice.